Heute mit Noelia Sanchez und Matthew Woolhouse.

Welcome zur vierten Episode des thePlanetDrum-Podcasts – heute wird es International!

Unsere Gäste kommen diesmal aus Spanien und Australien und wohnen und arbeiten nun seit 2018 in Berlin. Da bietet es sich doch mal an nachzufragen, was denn die Hauptunterschiede in- und außerhalb Deutschlands sind im Leben eine/r Musiker/in und Musikschullehrer/in. 

Begrüßt mit mir Noelia Sanchez und Matthew Woolhouse und lauscht unserem Plausch, welchen wir diesmal auf Englisch hielten.


Noelia Sanchez

„Noelia ist eine spanische Drummerin und begann im Alter von 13 Jahren das Schlagzeugspielen. Schon in jungen Jahren tourte sie mit ihrer Rockband in Spanien, gewann mehrere Preise und nahm ihr erstes Album “Girls got rhythm” auf.

Im Jahr 2015 schloss sie ihren Bachelor-Abschluss in klassischer Perkussion am Manuel Castillo-Musikkonservatorium in Sevilla ab. Während dieser Zeit widmete sie sich der Interpretation klassischer Musik und unterrichtete an verschiedenen Musikschulen.“



Matthew Woolhouse

„Matthew grew up in Adelaide, Australia. He started off playing bass guitar before taking up drumming at age 13. It wasn’t long before he was playing drums with a friend in a punk rock band, and he continued to appear on the local scene with them throughout his time in high school.

In 2013 he decided to move to Melbourne, the hometown of drumming legend Virgil Donati. He studied music performance at Melbourne Polytechnic, where he completed the Bachelor of Music course. While there, he took lessons from world-class percussionists, including David Jones, who became a mentor and an inspiration to him. They worked together on a number of recordings, masterclasses and performances, including for the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. Soon, Matthew was teaching individual and group lessons himself.

Matthew is open to all styles of music. Although he mainly learned from jazz percussionists, his greatest passion is still for punk, rock and thrash. He had the opportunity to gain international experience touring Southeast Asia with the underground thrash band Desecrator.

While he was studying psychology in Adelaide, Matthew got in touch with Mirko. He had a keen interest in joining our team at thePlanetDrum and introducing us to his innovative ideas for incorporating technology into our teaching. Having already spent time living in Berlin to learn German in 2018, he took the opportunity to move there in April 2019 after finishing his studies. He’s been part of our teaching staff at thePlanetDrum ever since.“

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